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By becoming a Playseat reseller, your Games Shop will be added into our database so that the more than 5000 unique visitors every day who visit our web site can come to find and buy your products. Playseats chairs, in addition to being a perfect choreography for a games shop, are an exceptional way to sell Wheels, Pedals, Games and Consoles.

Try to imagine the seats in the pictures here as if they were in your shop: an exceptional way to sell all your products.

Since we have a privileged relationship with Logitech because we are one of their partners, we can also provide Logitech G29 Wheels at a very competitive price.

All you need to do is to send some photos of your shop and to sign in the Resellers Area to get our seats at a special price in order to show them in your store.

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Playseat racing seat and Logitech g29