Playseat launches the new Playseat RBR 1 race game simulator

Playseat launches the new Playseat RBR 1 race game simulator for home use to give motorsport fans the real race experience without leaving the house.

Playseat signs licensing agreement with Red Bull Racing

Playseat of the Netherlands has signed a licensing agreement with Red Bull Racing. The Austrian firm will be using and promoting the Playseat RBR 1 game seat, designed and developed by Playseat, to take motorsport and the Red Bull Racing brand a step closer to the consumer. Playseat will launch the advanced home racing simulator at CeBIT, the world’s largest technology expo, from 1 to 5 March in Hanover, Germany. The eye catcher at Playseat’s booth will be the ‘Red Bull X 2010 S. Vettel’, the concept racing car of the world’s most successful racing team.

According to Playseat founder Fernando Smit, the launch of the Playseat RBR 1 game seat represents the final step in bringing the worlds of racing and gaming seamlessly together. “The time that people raced, perched on a kitchen chair with a racing wheel clamped to the table, have been gone for some time now. But the new Playseat formula takes virtual racing to a completely new level. The interaction with the racing game is unrivalled. The user feels every bump in the road surface. People will experience the race as if they are real racing drivers.”

International recognition

The deal that Playseat founder Fernando Smit has signed with Red Bull Racing puts the Dutch-based company firmly on the map. After previous successful cooperation with Sony, Microsoft and Logitech for the use of game seats with the Playstation3 and Xbox, the licensing agreement with Red Bull Racing represents a great recognition of the quality and the potential of the Playseat RBR 1 game seat. Smit is also still proud of the company’s Dutch heritage: “At a major technology expo like the CES in Las Vegas, we were the only Dutch exhibitor there.”

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Orders placed by Formula 1 drivers

While the Playseat RBR 1 game seat will only be available from September, the interest in it has already reached unprecedented proportions. Smit: “We have already taken orders from Formula 1 drivers.” This innovative new product from Playseat is excellent in combination with existing digital racing wheels and game consoles.

Unique 450 km/h eye catcher

The eye catcher at the launch of the Playseat RBR 1 game seat at CeBIT in Hanover will be the ‘Red Bull X 2010 S. Vettel’. Smit is proud that the Red Bull Racing concept car will be on the Playseat booth, underlining the cooperation between the successful Austrian firm and racing team, and Playseat. “This racing car has a top speed of 450 kilometres per hour and can go from zero to 200 kilometres per hour in less than 3 seconds. This is the first time that the supercar has been on show to the public.” The fact that the ‘Red Bull X 2010 S. Vettel’ has a starring role in Gran Turismo 5, one of the most popular racing games, makes the ambitions of Red Bull Racing clear. The partnership with Playseat is a logical next step for the company to reach consumers through the world of computer games, and give them a true-to-life race experience from the comfort of their own homes.


The new Playseat RBR 1 seat will be available from September 2011