Juegos de carreras de coches


Codemasters (earlier known as Code Masters and often nicknamed Codies) is one of the longest running British video game developers. Codemasters started to became famous on MegaDrive Consoles with Micromachines videogames and has evolved to one of the greatest driving videogame developers: TOCA Touring Car series, Colin McRae Rally series are just two examples of fast and enjoiable driving simulations.

Codemasters will soon release its new Formula 1 simulation videogame, that will be the final experience on Logitech G25 driving wheel simulations.

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Ferrari Virtual Academy 2010

The Scuderia Ferrari has been planning the software with the precise objective in mind to accurately rebuild the F10 with all its characteristics down to the smallest detail of its cockpit: the steering wheel and the commands are the exact replication of the original project, thus offering the rare opportunity to observe how the cockpit of a real-life Ferrari F10 is made: until today no other simulator or videogame sports such an accurate replication of the F10's cockpit and steering wheel, the driver's command centre, heavily protected from curios looks.

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rFactor is the dream game for all the car customizing maniacs. rFactor is a unique driving simulation videogame since makes possible to drive and simulate almost every 4wheeled vehicle. The rFactor physics engine is fantastic for all the force feedback driving wheel fanatics, since is can give the real feeling of a race with bumps and skids. The current drivers work well with Logitech Wheels. The latest rFactor videogame is available for download on the official website.  On the rFactor website are also available for download many skins and car customizations.

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Colin Mcrae Dirt

Colin McRae's videogames are perfect for solos gameplay driving simulations. DiRT features the full rally championship simulation and Codemaster's graphic and physics engine. Available for PC, Playstation, Xbox 360 it is the real, latest rally simulation available on the market. Many users find Colin McRae's DiRT videogame a bit tricky, they prefer the Logitech GTforce driving wheel to control each turn with the best precision, as well as they need the full contact with the pedals and gearshift needed to drive the simulation at its best: that's why a gaming seat is the best choiche for home racing simulations. 

Has beed announced for September 2009 the net Colin McRae's DiRT 2.

Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo is a famous videogame that got its success from early Playstation distribution. It features an imaginary driving championship with driving licenses and car customizing and buying. In Gran Turismo a little of tattic is needed to finish the videogame, driving skill is not enough. From its beginning Gran Tusismo passed across many version, until the latest GranTurismo 5. Logitech released a special force feedback wheel named in honour of Gran Turismo races. The Logitech GT Force wheel is obviously compatible with all the Gran Turismo videogames. 

You can check here the latest releases for Gran Turismo Videogames

Need for Speed

Need for Speed (NFS) is one of the oldest and long lasting videogames series. Originally built on representing outlaws driving races where escaping from the police were the norm, NeedForSpeed then evolved in a private racing tournament with all the needed regulations and no more police to escape. The NFS saga generated many spin-offs, some with classic arcade police chases and some inside tournament races. With all the recent (from 2007) Need For Speed Carbon and Pro Street a force feedback wheel is mandatory for gaming precision on Xbox360 since internet based multiplayer games requires some skill to be played. NFS full immersion using the common Playstation or Xboy joypads can be hard to achieve, specially in turns and drifts. In 2009 the new Need For Speed games will separate in 3 different branches depending on the gaming console.

Race 07

SimBin Development Team is prouder than ever before to announce the official PC demo for RACE 07 – The WTCC Game. This multiplayer demo contains several of the new features and game modes that RACE 07 will offer.

The RACE 07 demo allows you to fully explore the two tracks of Anderstorp, Sweden and Brands Hatch, UK along with the BMW E90 and Seat Leon. All from the current FIA WTCC calendar of 2007. On top of this you will also find the Formula 3000 class included.

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Racedriver Grid

Race Driver: GRID™ is all about the race. It's a stunning world of motorsport brought to life, from racing muscle cars through the iconic streets of San Francisco, and competing in the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours race, to drifting around the docks of Yokohama. Jump behind the wheel of exhilarating racing cars in the most aggressive, spectacular wheel-to-wheel races you've ever experienced, then prove yourself online. Welcome to GRID: racing just got exciting again.

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Test Drive Unlimited 2 transforma los juegos de carreras sumando la persistencia, la progresión y la personalización de los últimos juegos multijugador, a la experiencia de las carreras de coches. En Test Drive Unlimited 2 se mezclan sin problemas las experiencias del modo un jugador y multijugador, creando un mundo dinámico lleno de contenido y retos en constante evolución. Los jugadores definen sus personalidades online a través de la personalización de sus avatares y vehículos, la compra de propiedades, ropa y otros accesorios propios de un estilo de vida internacional de lujo.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 website

Sega Rally 2

Sega Rally 2 is one high-speed, off-road racing thrill-ride! Burn through brutal terrain as you navigate treacherous tracks and unpredictable weather. Maximize your champion potential by fully customizing your mean racing machine: change tires, suspension, and steering according to road conditions.

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STCC The Game

TCC The Game is the official game of “STCC - Swedish Touring Car Championship”, the largest and most prestigious motorsport championship in Scandinavia.

The game includes all cars and tracks from the 2008 season; seven Swedish and Norwegian tracks like Mantorp Park, Knutstorp Ring, Våler Track and the world exclusive city racetrack Eco Drive Arena in Gothenburg along with cars like Audi A4, Volvo C30 and BMW 320si.

STCC The Game appeals to both old and young and features famous drivers like Janne "Flash" Nilsson, Tommy Rustad, Fredrik Ekblom and Thed Björk. STCC The Game - The most Scandinavian game package of 2008.

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In the tradition of delivering one of the most realistic virtual driving experience, the third chapter of the “Virtual Grand Prix” saga features an even more immersive feeling thanks to a completely redesigned 3d engine, a fully customizable dynamic engine, an even more improved AI and a new netcode.

The mission of VGP3 is to give you, the "virtual driver", not only a serious open-wheeled racecar simulator, but also a flexible virtual reality powered by an easy to customize dynamic engine - design new tracks to race on with TrackDesigner3, and create new vehicles by assembling and customizing the VGP3 mechanical components database!

We'll not say the boring "don't try this at home" words! Learning the fine art of driving in VGP3 is, in fact, more than a driving school - forget about "fun" arcade games, for us "fun" means facing the trouble of keeping a real, powerful, nervous racecar on the track when you push it to its limits!

Moreover, VGP3 is not simply "a game" - you won't simply "buy" it and then be happy or not with it, by subscribing an account you'll have a one-year access to any new content available on the Official Website, including upgrades, new tracks, new cars and all the tools and documentation you may use to customize the simulator!

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GTR Evolution

The most beautiful GT’s. Extreme versions of the already spectacular World Touring Cars. Exclusive roadcars from prestigious brands. You will find that and much more in GTR Evolution, including the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife, a 20,8km long racetrack in Germany. A racedrivers heaven..

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Simbin announced another PC project named “Jakob”, to be released in 2009. Of course, the whole community started guessing what Jakob was right away, even though Project TOAD showed us that their project names do not always contain hints.

It might be a different case with Jakob as Racedepartment’s Ramon van Rijn has done some research and came up with some interesting facts. Jakob isn’t just the codename of Simbin’s upcoming title, it was also the nickname of the first ever built Volvo - The Volvo ÖV4 of 1927. Of course, a 72-year old car isn’t much of a hint, Jakob came back to life in 2008 though when Volvo unveiled a new hot rod design study based on their legendary first model.

The 2008 Jakob can be seen below, the car is powered by a 2.5 liter five-cylinder engine putting out 265hp. The fact that Volvo, just like Simbin, is a Swedish company throws another hint in the mix. Will Jakob be a title about Volvo automobiles?

Website Jakob


Race On

The next scheduled release, RACE On will target all PC owners with a bit of petrol in their blood and comes with a very strong selection of new challenging content including the tracks and cars from WTCC season 2008 which turned out to be the best and most competitive championship ever. SimBin has recreated the epic 2008 season down to the smallest detail and now YOU get the chance to show the world who the real champion is. Jump in the car of your favorite racing driver and compete with the best through 12 unique tracks located around the globe including Okayama.

Website Race On


Race PRO

RACE Pro recreates a breathtaking reality giving gamers the ultimate racing simulation experience, all powered by Lizard, SimBin’s own physics engine. With precision physics and handling, racers will feel every bend and burst of acceleration along with every emotion from pre-race tension in the pit lanes to the exhilaration of capturing the checker flag.

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GT Legends

The golden age of motor sports has returned. Experience one of the world's most exciting racing series in GT LEGENDS, including the legendary touring cars of the 60's and 70's. Collect more then 90 original FIA GTC-TC team vehicles and demonstrate your driving skill on real European racetracks.

GT Legends was announced summer 2005 and presented to media, with a response that was overwhelming. The one concern expressed by the media present at the time was that they were previously blown away by GTR, and now they wanted to rate GT Legends even higher!

GT Legends keeps the authentic driving experience from GTR and takes the game play to a new level with a career mode. Enjoy the historic GT cars with vehicles like Ford Mustang, Shelby Cobra, Corvette, Jaguar, Lotus, TVR and other goodies from the 60’s and 70’s.

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