Enterprise Playseat

The founder and current president of the Playseats Company Dr. Fernando Smit is a big motorsport fan. He used to drive karts on a professional level and was Dutch Enduro Champion in the 125 cc classes in 1997 and 1998.

Fernando Smit

One fine day he had an idea and mounted one of his old Spargo seats on a metal frame. He attached a steering wheel and pedal box to the frame and there it was: the ultimate real racing feeling. The first Playseat was born.

According to the response from fellow drivers he was on to something good. Soon he found himself building frames for friends and the business started to bloom and kept growing. In 2002 production moved from Holland to China.

Fernando Smit, Vettel, Webber

Nowadays Playseats is a well-known concept in gaming, a worldwide registered trademark® owning a lot of patents and an international well established brand and company. The Playseats concept is unique because of its patented seats system for easy storage and small packaging.

Playseats B.V.
Director Fernando Smit