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Nyck de Vries (born 6 February 1995 in Sneek) is a Dutch kart racer. He won the 2010 and 2011 Karting World Championships. He is managed by Anthony Hamilton (father of Lewis Hamilton) and is part of the McLaren Young Driver Programme.

Nyck De Vries got his first taste of karting at the age of 4, when his parents gave him a baby kart as a present. Little by little, the young Dutch karter developed his skills behind a wheel, first on a track made with some old tyres, near his father's company, then on some real indoor and outdoor circuits near Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

He soon made his debut in races and was nominated “Rookie of the year” in 2002 by the KNAF (Dutch Car Sport Federation).

After a steady progression marked by numerous podiums, he discovered the KF3 class in 2007 and was 2nd in the Belgian and Dutch Championships, and again 2nd in the Rotax Junior class.

At the beginning of 2008, he celebrated his 13th birthday and was finally allowed to race at international level. Due to Nyck his performance, the famous Dino Chiesa got an eye on him. They established a partnership that turned out to be highly beneficial. Nyck De Vries did much more than a simple debut and in addition to becoming German Champion, he also won the prestigious WSK series.

In 2009, he finally reached the goal he had set for himself long before: to win a CIK/FIA official title. Indeed he became European KF3 Champion at Zuera (Spain) after a flawless performance. He also won the WSK series and the German Championship for the second time in a row in both cases. Only the World Cup left him with a sour taste in his mouth. After his impressive dominance (pole position, victory in the four heats and in the pre-final), he started the final with a faulty pinion in his engine. Despite a completely unsuitable gear ratio, he saved his 4th place in extremis.

He took on the challenge to race in Super KF in 2010, without going through the intermediate class, KF2. By racing alongside with the most experienced drivers on the international scene, Nyck continued his stunning progression. In winter, he signed an agreement with the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team, which have decided to include this young champion in their development programme. When he is on a track, he always shows great determination and professionalism. After the cancellation of the European Championship, the WSK series has acquired even greater importance. In the Euro Series, he conquered his first victory in Super KF at Genk, preceding all the best kart drivers in the world. He repeated his extraordinary performance at Sarno and concluded his championship with a highly gratifying 2nd place. He also became Vice Champion in the WSK World Series, where he had the title in his pocket before he suffered a penalty he has always claimed to be unfair. But 2010 was the year when he became World CIK/FIA Champion on the circuit of Zuera, in Spain, where there were as many as 125 entrants. During a very exciting final, De Vries had to push hard the whole race to catch the leader. He finally reached him at the start of the last lap, and then launched an incredible attack. He managed to gain the upper hand at the end of some bold late breaking, which he controlled perfectly.

In 2011, the Super KF was named KF1 again and the World Championship opted for a new formula of five four-race meetings, in Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy and Japan. He was by far the best performing driver, with 13 podiums (including 9 victories) and 15 fastest laps in 20 races, not to mention the six pole positions out of 10 attempts. Logically he became World Champion for the second year in a row. A few months earlier, he had also conquered another title in the WSK Euro Series.

At the age of 17, Nyck devoted himself to car racing and took on the single seater challenge, in the Formula Renault 2.0 with R-ace GP. In his first race he immediatly scored a double podium with a second and third place (later being penalized resulting in a 16th place). At the end of the season he was fifth in the overall championship making him the 'Rookie of the Year'. His appearances in some of the NEC championship races resulted in a first single seater win at Assen in his home country, The Netherlands.