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Playseat® F1

Sebastian Vettel testing the new formula 1 driving simulator Playseat® RBR 1


And this is why Mark Webber won the Montecarlo Gran Prix 2012.... He was training on Playseat® Redbull Racing F1!


Playseat® F1 + Thrustmaster T500 RS testing


Presentation at Gamescom 2010



Playseat® WRC

Rally of Germany. Petter Solberg playing WRC, the official game of the 2010 FIA World Rally Championship, with Playseat® seat.


Henning Solberg test the Playseat® WRC racing seat



Playseat® Evolution

Sedile volante e pedaliera Playseat®s


How To: Attach a ButtKicker Gamer to a Playseat® Evolution



Playseat®s Evolution + Buttkicker Gamer + G25 + DiRT2 (PS3)


Playseat®s Evolution + Buttkicker Gamer + G25 + DiRT2 (PS3)


Playseat®s Evolution Racing Simulation Chair


G25 on playseat evo 61" screen with surround sound !


About Logitech G25 Steering Wheel and Seat


Playseat® sponsor of CDN GP Bryan Fowler


WCG Ultimate Gamer: Shut Up and Drive



Playseat® Rookie

Video new product Rookie presented at CES Las Vegas



WRC The Game 2010 Hands-On

NG-Video Special: WRC 2010 Hands-On



Playseat®s Race Room

Playseat® RR RaceRoom Seat Review



Official Playseat® Youtube Channel