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Logitech G27-G25 best support

Game Seat with Logitech G25

Mounting the steering wheel to your Playseat chair can be accomplished in several ways. The steering wheel makes use of a dual clamping system and, with the aid of two plastic screw knobs located on the top of the main wheel enclosure, can be mounted on your Playseat chair top arm.

After tightening the knobs, they can be sunk down into the casing by pushing down on the knobs and giving them a quarter-turn. This keeps th knobs out of your way. The Playseat simulator driving wheel holder is made to fit the Logitech G27-G25 perfectly.

An extra bonus for more serious sim-racers is the ability to attach the wheel to the game seat raceframe using the two threaded screw holes located on the bottom of the unit. This enables the steering wheel to be attached securely to the metal frame without fear of it moving around.

logitech G25 screw map

The steering wheel can be mounted by using either the dual clamping system or the threaded screw holes. In the Playseat gaming seat box you will find the neccessary screws. (see red circles).
A Playseat chair is the best place for your Logitech G27-G25


  feedback third pedal for rally games

Racing Pedal unit

Pedals can make or break a steering wheel set. That’s why we closely examined the G25 Logitech design to identify points of improvement, The first thing we noticed when was the unit has three pedals instead of the more common two. In addition to the standard gas and brake pedal, Logitech took the extra step to include an analogue clutch pedal for even more racing realism! The thing that stands out most about the pedal unit is the material used to construct it. All three pedals are made of stainless steel and which not only makes them stronger and solid feeling, they look great too!

feedback pedals fixing on racing frame

No less than six threaded screw holes allow the pedals to be attached securely to the raceframe. No more slippery pedals under your desk!

fixing the pedals to the steel gaming seat frame

Playseat chair support for Logitech G27-G25 racing pedals


Game Seat with Logitech G25


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