Logitech G27 G25 Shifter

The gearshift holder is specially designed to fit the gearshift of the Logitech G25 and orks equally well on the left and right side:

logitech G25 shifter

As shown on our gaming seat video page, the full configuration of the Playseat chair features the Logitech g25 gearshift that comes with the third clutch pedal. The gaming seat’s metal frame provides the perfect support for a stable gearshift on both rally and car racing simulation videogames. The Logietch gearshift can be mounted in 3 simple steps as show below:

1) Before installing the shifter on the GearShift Holder, disassemble the grip from the shifter.

g25 gearshift installation

2) To disassemble the grip, simply remove the four (4) screws under the Logietch G25 shifter.

bottom g25 gearshift installation

3) The gearshift is now ready for mounting on the gearshift holder.

g25 gearshift racing seat installation

Now you are ready to mount the Logitech G25 shift into Playseat chair metal shift holder for the most realistic racing simulation ever!